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Posted by SONE on 19 July 2017 in NIA

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Eadon Consulting, staff photo

Eadon Consulting, a small company based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park near Sheffield, has won funding from the UK’s Innovation Agency to develop a new system for decommissioning ageing nuclear facilities. Eadon will lead a consortium of companies to pioneer a faster, cheaper, cleaner and safer approach to nuclear decommissioning.

Company Director, James Hill, says:

“As a small company of specialist engineers we are ideally placed to solve problems, our size allows us to innovate and quickly develop new ideas. This funding from the UK’s Innovation Agency unlocks our potential, allowing us to really focus on the challenges of decommissioning nuclear facilities. Collaborating with other small companies means that we can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience from lots of different industries and pick out all the most useful bits. Our immediate focus in on decommissioning the nuclear site at Sellafield, but the systems we are developing have huge potential for export all over the world.”


Decommissioning the Sellafield nuclear site is a hugely onerous task with an estimated cost of £85 billion.

Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation Agency, have funded a competition to develop new technologies which will enable faster, cheaper and safer nuclear decommissioning.

Eadon Consulting is an engineering company specialising in the design and analysis of complicated industrial machines and large moving structures. Typical projects include lifting equipment for the nuclear industry, opening bridges, gantries which crawl up suspension bridge cables, and large lock gates. Eadon was founded in Sheffield nine years ago and now employs 18 people.

Source:  NIA UK | Innovation funding, unlocking the potential of small and medium size companies