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A variety of articles about Nuclear Energy.
Newsletters for SONE members, but available to the public.
Old SONE articles, published between 2006 and 2017, and retained here for their historical interest.
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Articles (30 posts)

A variety of articles about Nuclear Energy.

17 June 2024
Solar Power Volcanic Risk
Tags: Iceland, Solar, Volcanoes.
20 April 2024
Society and Nuclear Energy: What Is the Role for Radiological Protection?
20 February 2024
Establishing confidence in nuclear energy: a study of 120 years of evidence and 80 years of myth
Tags: COP28, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Louis de Broglie, Radiophobia, Renewables.
17 February 2024
The music of chemical and nuclear energy
Tags: Chernobyl, Fukushima, Louis de Broglie, Quantum Mechanics, Three Mile Island.
10 January 2024
Report on COP 28 in Dubai, UAE
Tags: COP28, Climate Change, Dubai, Paris Agreement.
1 November 2023
Donald Avery: an obituary
Tags: BNFL, Capenhurst, Donald Avery, Sellafield, UKAEA, Urenco.
1 November 2023
Cardarelli letter to DC leaders
Tags: Health Physics Society, John J Cardarelli, LNT.
19 September 2023
The Winners of the SONE Jubilee Essay Prizes
Tags: Anniversary, Essay competition, Jubilee, Sir Bernard Ingham, Sir William McAlpine.
25 July 2023
Energy resources and our future — from 1957
Tags: Essay competition, Fossil fuel, Hyman Rickover, Submarines.
22 June 2023
A pro-nuclear talk at the Reform Club
Tags: BNFL, Chernobyl, Climate Change, Fukushima, Gulf Stream, James Lovelock, Reform Club, SMR, WANO.
14 June 2023
It is time to really embrace the nuclear option
Tags: Daily Express, Great British Nuclear, Hinkley Point, Nuclear waste, SMR.
13 June 2023
Nuclear energy is abundant and available 24×7
Tags: Chernobyl, Essay competition, Fukushima, Louis de Broglie, Nocebo Effect, Quantum Mechanics, Radiophobia, Renewables, Thermodynamics.
31 May 2023
Heat Pumps for Gas Boilers?
Tags: Climate Change Committee, Gas, Heat pumps.
23 April 2023
The SONE Silver Jubilee essay competition
Tags: Anniversary, Essay competition, Jubilee, Sir Bernard Ingham, Sir William McAlpine.
22 January 2023
The failure of wind as a reliable source of electrical energy
Tags: Paris Agreement, Renewables, Wind.
17 December 2022
Energy for 2030 and 2050: The non-negotiable requirements of science, economics, and the environment
Tags: Batteries, Fossil fuel, Frontier Energy, Renewables, Solar, Wind.
16 December 2022
Why nuclear energy should be powering shipping safely by 2050
Tags: Core Power, MSR, SMR, Shipping.
3 December 2022
Hydrogen Storage — How Much Will it Help?
Tags: Carbon dioxide, ENTSO-E, Heat pumps, Hydrogen, Hynet, Stanlow.
27 October 2022
Achieving Net Zero by 2050
Tags: AGM, Candida Whitmill, Net Zero, Penultimate Power, TRISO.
15 August 2022
Confidence in nuclear energy: The acceptance of evidence should replace traditional caution
Tags: ALARA, Atoms for Peace, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Hermann Muller, Hiroshima, LNT, Nagasaki, Robert Oppenheimer.
3 June 2022
The only source of energy sufficient on its own
Tags: Batteries, Battery fires, Fossil fuel, Renewables.
3 June 2022
Nuclear's role in the future energy supply
Tags: Energy Strategy, Nuclear Energy, Rolls-Royce, SMR.
3 June 2022
Nuclear is the only answer to our energy transition
Tags: Karl Marx, New Statesman, Nuclear Energy, Renewables, Winston Churchill.
5 May 2022
Investing in wind energy on a large scale is mistaken
Tags: Batteries, LinkedIn, Wind.
25 March 2022
Coming to Terms with Nuclear Waste
Tags: Energy Density, Nuclear waste, Plutonium, Radiophobia, Uranium, YouTube.
10 March 2022
A scientific and responsible view of a nuclear threat in war
Tags: Hiroshima, Mutually Assured Destruction, Nagasaki, Radiation, Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, War.
5 March 2022
You don't have to be a scientist to trust nuclear energy
Tags: Fukushima, Hiroshima, Marie Curie, Nagasaki, Nuclear Energy, Science.
4 March 2022
The Case for the Cultural Rehabilitation of Nuclear Energy
Tags: Hiroshima, Industrial Revolution, Karl Marx, Lise Meitner, Nagasaki.
2 March 2022
Nature, Energy, and Society
Tags: Energy Density, Industrial Revolution, Quantum Mechanics, Radiophobia, Renewables, Science.
1 March 2022
Nuclear energy and society, radiation and life – the evidence
Tags: C R Muirhead, Fukushima, Goiania, Hiroshima, LNT, Marcia Angell, Nagasaki, Nuclear Energy, Radiation, Richard Horton.

Newsletters (116 posts)

Newsletters for SONE members, but available to the public.

29 May 2024
SONE Newsletter 297 – May 2024
Tags: HALEU, Sellafield, Sheffield, Sheffield Forgemasters, Sizewell, Teesside, Urenco, Wylfa Newydd.
20 April 2024
SONE Newsletter 296 – April 2024
Tags: Australia, Czechia, Estonia, France, LNT, Latvia, South Africa, Ukraine.
27 March 2024
SONE Newsletter 295 – March 2024
Tags: Austria, Brussels, Oppenheimer, Regulation.
21 February 2024
SONE Newsletter 294 – February 2024
Tags: Climate Change Committee, Great British Nuclear, Heysham, Renewables, Royal Society, Sellafield, Wylfa Newydd, YouTube.
16 January 2024
SONE Newsletter 293 – January 2024
Tags: COP28, EDF, France, HALEU, Moltex, Shipping, Sizewell, Tom Greatrex, Zion Lights.
7 December 2023
SONE Newsletter 292 – December 2023
Tags: COP28, Germany, Great British Nuclear, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, SMR, Westinghouse.
1 November 2023
SONE Newsletter 291 – November 2023
Tags: AGM, Essay competition, Great British Nuclear, Health Physics Society, House of Lords, Jubilee, SMR.
28 September 2023
SONE Newsletter 290 – September/October 2023
Tags: AGM, Bret Kugelmass, Essay competition, House of Lords, Jubilee, Regulation, Renewables, Shipping.
20 August 2023
SONE Newsletter 289 – August 2023
Tags: AGM, Batteries, Essay competition, Greg Clark, Harwell, House of Lords, Hyman Rickover, Jubilee, Plutonium, Reform Club, Regulation, Renewables.
4 July 2023
SONE Newsletter 288 – July 2023
Tags: Battery fires, Bruno Le Maire, China, Emmanuel Macron, France, MSR, Madi Hilly, Renewables, Sizewell, Thorium, TikTok.
1 June 2023
SONE Newsletter 287 – May/June 2023
Tags: Daily Telegraph, Dow Chemicals, Fukushima, Moltex, South Korea, Tritium, X-Energy.
24 April 2023
SONE Newsletter 286 – April 2023
Tags: Anniversary, Antone Brooks, Essay competition, Hugo Kruger, Jubilee, Sir Bernard Ingham, Sir William McAlpine, TRISO, X-Energy, YouTube.
7 March 2023
SONE Newsletter 285 – March 2023
Tags: China, HALEU, Heat pumps, Louis de Broglie, Sir Bernard Ingham, Sir William McAlpine, Tim Stone, Waste heat.
17 February 2023
SONE Newsletter 284 – February 2023
Tags: BEIS, Canada, Equilibrion, Estonia, Fusion, Great British Nuclear, JET, Japan, Korea, Moltex, Poland, TRISO, USA, Uranium.
23 January 2023
SONE Newsletter 283 – January 2023
Tags: BEIS, BWRX-300, Moltex, Net Zero, New Nuclear, Nuclear waste, Penultimate Power, Robert Oppenheimer, Rolls-Royce, Wind.
6 December 2022
SONE Newsletter 282 – December 2022
Tags: ElectricityMap, Energy prices, Hormesis, Hydroelectricity, Scotland, Sizewell, Wind.
5 November 2022
SONE Newsletter 281 – October/November 2022
Tags: AGM, Batteries, Candida Whitmill, Moltex, Nuclear Maritime Conference, Renewables, Rolls-Royce, Sizewell, TRISO, YouTube.
14 September 2022
SONE Newsletter 280 – September 2022
Tags: AGM, China, Core Power, HALEU, MSR, Mikal Bøe, Rolls-Royce, Rory Megginson, SMR, South Korea, Wolsong.
13 August 2022
SONE Newsletter 279 – August 2022
Tags: Dame Sue Ion, Hinkley Point, James Lovelock, NuScale, YouTube, Zion Lights.
11 July 2022
SONE Newsletter 278 – July 2022
Tags: ALARA, BESS, Batteries, Don Wiles, Energiewende, Germany, India, Switzerland, Taxonomy, Tom Greatrex.
9 June 2022
SONE Newsletter 277 – June 2022
Tags: Cavendish Nuclear, Decommissioning, Finland, HTGR, Hanhikivi, Health Physics Society, Japan, Kwasi Kwarteng, Magnox, Rolls-Royce, Sellafield, Springfields, Standardisation, Tom Samson, X-Energy.
6 May 2022
SONE Newsletter 276 – May 2022
Tags: Batteries, California, Diablo Canyon, Edward Calebrese, Energy Strategy, GBNews, Germany, LNT, Mothers For Nuclear, Neville Chamberlain, Richard Herrington, Richard Ollington, YouTube.
1 April 2022
SONE Newsletter 275 - April 2022
Tags: Atoms for Peace, LNT, Mums for Nuclear, Radiophobia, Stephen Vaughan, Tony Brooks, YouTube.
24 March 2022
SONE Newsletter 274 - March 2022
Tags: Dalton Nuclear Institute, Hanhikivi, Hinkley Point, LinkedIn, Olkiluoto, Russia, Sizewell, South Korea, Ukraine, War.
3 February 2022
SONE Newsletter 273 - February 2022
Tags: Adrian Bull, Allison Macfarlane, Fukushima, Neville Chamberlain, Nuclear waste, Plutonium, Three Mile Island, Uranium.
13 January 2022
SONE Newsletter 272 - January 2022
Tags: AGR, BEIS, Calder Hall, Greenpeace, Greta Thunberg, HTGR, Harold Bolter, Heat pumps, Kwasi Kwarteng, NIRO, National Nuclear Laboratory, New Nuclear, Paul Howarth, Plutonium, Sir Bernard Ingham, Uranium, Vladimir Putin.
4 December 2021
SONE Newsletter 271 - December 2021
Tags: AGM, Battery fires, Core Power, GBNews, LNT, Mikal Bøe, Nuclear waste, SONE website, Tobi Menzies, YouTube.
17 November 2021
SONE Newsletter 270 - November 2021
Tags: Amber Rudd, Arun Khuttan, COP26, EDF, ENTSO-E, Jack Simmons, Paul Spare, Rafael Grossi, Rolls-Royce, SMR, Tom Samson, Trudy Harrison, Urenco, Young Generation Nuclear.
6 October 2021
SONE Newsletter 269 - October 2021
Tags: Coal, Cooling towers, Fusion, Gas, Germany, Graphic design, Gulf Stream, Interconnector, James Lovelock, Julia Pyke, Mark Jenkinson, Podcast, The Spectator, The Times.
9 August 2021
SONE Newsletter 268 - August 2021
Tags: AMR, Battery fires, Climate Change, Diablo Canyon, HTGR, Hinkley Point, Hydroelectricity, Moltex, Oroville Dam, Resilience, SMR, Thorium, Uranium.
19 July 2021
SONE Newsletter 267 – July 2021
Tags: BEIS, Battery fires, Carl Sagan, Dalton Nuclear Institute, Net Zero, Nuclear Consulting Group, Nuclear Institute, Paul Dorfman, Penultimate Power, Sarah Beacock, YouTube.
14 June 2021
SONE Newsletter 266 – June 2021
Tags: AGM, BEIS, COP26, Candida Whitmill, Core Power, Mikal Bøe, Net Zero, Paul Spare, Penultimate Power, Peter Havercan, SMR, SONE website, TRISO.
19 May 2021
SONE Newsletter 265 – May 2021
Tags: Bill Gates, Christopher Cockcroft, Core Power, Greenpeace, National Grid, Natrium, Net Zero, Terrapower, Twitter, Windjammers.
30 April 2021
SONE Newsletter 264 – April 2021
Tags: Covid-19, Germany, Hiroshima, Hualong, Marie Curie, Meredith Angwin, Nagasaki, Net Zero, Shorting the Grid, Taxonomy.
19 March 2021
SONE Newsletter 263 – March 2021
Tags: Atomic Advocates UK, Brian Luker, COP26, Dungeness, Energiewende, Financial Times, Friends of Nuclear Energy, Fukushima, Hartlepool, Heysham, Hinkley Point, Hunterston, National Grid, Nuclear waste, Renewables, Sunday Times, Torness, Wind turbines, Wylfa Newydd, YouTube.
13 February 2021
February Newsletter No262
Tags: Fukushima, James Lovelock, Kirsty Gogan Alexander, Nuclear waste.
31 January 2021
January Newsletter No261
Tags: BESS, Battery fires, Energiewende, James Hansen, Joe Biden, Moltex, Net Zero, Renewables, South Korea, Top Tier Impact, Vattenfall, YouTube.
21 December 2020
December Newsletter No260
Tags: COP26, Cabinet Office, Edward Kee, Hinkley Point, Offshore wind, World Nuclear Association, YouTube.
19 November 2020
November Newsletter No259
Tags: AP1000, André Wakker, Bechtel, Dan Yurman, France, Hinkley Point, Mikal Bøe, Rolls-Royce, SMR, Sizewell, YouTube.
30 October 2020
October Newsletter No258
Tags: AGM, André Wakker, Arun Khuttan, Energiewende, Germany, Hitachi, Marie Zabell, Martin Callanan, Netherlands, Poland, Tim Stone, Trudy Harrison, Wylfa Newydd, YouTube, Zion Lights.
21 August 2020
August Newsletter No257
Tags: APR1400, Atomic bomb, BEIS, Bret Kugelmass, China, Czechia, Daily Telegraph, Hiroshima, Marie Curie, Nagasaki, Neville Chamberlain, Plutonium, Prime Minister, Radiophobia, United Arab Emirates, YouTube.
15 July 2020
July Newsletter No256
Tags: AGM, AMR, COP26, Extinction Rebellion, Fermi Energia, Greenpeace, LNT, Martin Morland, Michael Shellenberger, Nuclear Industry Association, Peter Lilley, Prime Minister, SMR, Sizewell, Tim Stone, YouTube, Zion Lights.
29 May 2020
June Newsletter No255
Tags: American Physics Society, Covid-19, Health Physics Society, Moltex, Ontario Tech, Radiophobia, Simon Rippon.
4 May 2020
May Newsletter No254
Tags: BirdsPreferNuclear, Christopher Clack, Germany, Mark Z Jacobson, Michael Moore, Moltex, Planet of the Humans, Renewables, Sizewell, YouTube.
3 April 2020
April Newsletter No253
Tags: COP26, Friends of Nuclear Energy, LinkedIn, NIA, NNC, Wylfa Newydd, YouTube.
7 February 2020
February Newsletter No252
Tags: ATOMIK, Chernobyl, Cirencester, Marie Zabell, Stargazing, Supernova.
23 January 2020
January Newsletter No251
Tags: Christopher Cockcroft, European Commission, European Green Deal, Hinkley Point, James Lovelock, Sir Bernard Ingham, Sir Christopher Audland, Synthetic fuels.
29 November 2019
December Newsletter No250
Tags: Fukushima, General Election, Zoom.
4 November 2019
November Newsletter No249
Tags: AGM, Climate Change, Sheffield University, Why Theatre Company, Yellow Cake.
30 September 2019
September Newsletter No248
Tags: Annual Report, Energiewende, Extinction Rebellion, Harwell, Renewables.
10 July 2019
July Newsletter No247
Tags: Capenhurst, Chernobyl, Craig Mazin, James Lovelock, Uranium, Why Theatre Company, Yellow Cake.
29 May 2019
June Newsletter No246
Tags: Fukushima, Goiania, Kate Brown, Meredith Angwin, Moltex, Three Mile Island, Windscale.
22 May 2019
May Newsletter No245
Tags: Dan Yurman, EDF, Education, Hinkley Point, Hinkley Point site visit, Zero Carbon.
23 April 2019
April Newsletter No244
Tags: Atomic Advocates UK, Climate Change, Emergency Planning Zones, Ian Fells, Joshua Goldstein, Kate Brown, Moltex, Penultimate Power, SMR, Staffan Qvist.
15 March 2019
March Newsletter No243
Tags: AGM, Climate Change, Energy Density, Hinkley Point, Life energy, Neutron stars, Nuclear is for Life, Nucleosynthesis, Radiation and Reason, Renewables.
15 February 2019
February Newsletter No242
Tags: Atoms for Peace, HALEU, Harwell, Hinkley Point, Hinkley Point site visit, Joan Pye, Moorside, NuGen, Oldbury, Renewables, Taishan, Uranium, Wylfa Newydd.
22 January 2019
January Newsletter No241
Tags: Greenpeace, Jim Corner, Renewables, Sir Bernard Ingham.
14 December 2018
December Newsletter No240
Tags: When Fear Kills, YouTube.
19 November 2018
November Newsletter No239
Tags: AGM, Alan Woods, Rolls-Royce.
3 October 2018
October Newsletter No238
Tags: Batteries, Electric vehicles, Paul Spare, Think Scotland.
6 August 2018
August Newsletter No237
Tags: CCS, SMR, Shipping, Submarines.
4 July 2018
July Newsletter No236
Tags: Chernobyl, Climate Change, EDF, EPR, Greg Clark, Paris Agreement, Renewables, Taishan, Trawsfynydd.
29 May 2018
June Newsletter No235
Tags: Kentish Flats, Marie Curie, Offshore wind, Renewables.
3 May 2018
May Newsletter No234
Tags: Batteries, Beast from the East, Brian Catt, George Inglis, Germany, Harwell, North Sea, PIPPA, Sir Bernard Ingham.
9 April 2018
April Newsletter No233
Tags: Calder Hall, David Evans, Mothers For Nuclear, Neville Chamberlain, SMR, Sir William McAlpine.
2 March 2018
March Newsletter No232
Tags: Bioenergy, Finland, Heat pumps, Helsinki, Hydrogen, Rauli Partanen, Solar energy.
2 February 2018
February Newsletter No231
Tags: ALARA, AP1000, Adrian Bull, Advanced Boiling Water Reactor, Bradwell, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Goiania, Hinkley Point, Hitachi, Horizon, Hualong One, LinkedIn, Moorside, NuGen, Sizewell, UK nuclear reactors, Wylfa Newydd.
15 January 2018
January Newsletter No230
Tags: David MacKay, Drax, Electricity Watch, Energy Density, Gridwatch, John Lindberg, Paris Agreement, SMR, Sir William McAlpine.
30 November 2017
November Newsletter No229
Tags: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Czechia, Dan Yurman, Fennovoima, Finland, Finland, France, Germany, Hanhikivi, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico, Romania, Saudia Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, UAE, USA, Vietnam.
30 October 2017
October Newsletter No228
Tags: AGM, Andrea Leadsom, BEIS, Contract for Difference, EDF, Harold Bolter, Hinkley Point, Jeremy Corbyn, John Lindberg, LNT, Marie Curie, Moorside, NuGen, SONE website, Theresa May, Tom Samson.
30 September 2017
September Newsletter No227
Tags: ACER, CEER, Christopher Clack, Energiewende, Grid Stability, Heard and Brook, Hobson's Choice, Mark Z Jacobson, SMR, Storm Harvey, YouTube.
1 August 2017
August Newsletter No226
Tags: John Lindberg, SMR, Sir Bernard Ingham, Sir William McAlpine, Stephen Tindale, Terry Westmoreland, Wade Allison, Weinberg Next Nuclear.
31 July 2017
July Newsletter No225
Tags: Brexit, Euratom, Harold Bolter, Hinkley Point, LNT, Mothers For Nuclear, National Nuclear Laboratory, Nuclear is for Life, Paul Howarth, Radiation and Reason, Wade Allison.
30 May 2017
May Newsletter No224
Tags: AP1000, Brexit, CGN, EDF, Euratom, General Election, Greenpeace, Hadrian’s Wall, Hinkley Point, Horizon, Moorside, Morecambe Bay, National Grid, NuGen, Paris Agreement, SMR, Science and Technology Committee, Tom Samson.
30 April 2017
April Newsletter No223
Tags: Brexit, Euratom, Fessenheim, Flamanville, General Election, Hinkley Point, KEPCO, Moorside, State investment.
31 March 2017
March Newsletter No222
Tags: AGM, Environmental Progress, Greenpeace, Hinkley Point, John Lindberg, Laurence O’Hagan, Michael Shellenberger, Moorside, Nuclear Industry Association, Society for Accurate Radiation Information, Stephen Tindale, Weinberg Next Nuclear, Wylfa Newydd.
10 March 2017
February Newsletter No221
Tags: AP1000, Copeland by-election, Culham, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Euratom, Gerald Clark, Gillian Troughton, Greg Clark, Hinkley Point, JET, Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Johnson, KEPCO, Moorside, National Nuclear Laboratory, Philip Hammond, Sellafield, State investment, Theresa May, Trudy Harrison, UKAEA, Westinghouse, Wylfa Newydd.
2 February 2017
January Newsletter No220
Tags: BEIS, Brexit, Clinch River, EDF, European Pressurised Reactor, Green Paper, Greg Clark, HPR1000, Hinkley Point, Hualong One, Moorside, NuScale, Rolls-Royce, SMR, Tennessee Valley Authority, Toshiba, Westinghouse.
30 November 2016
December Newsletter No219
Tags: BEIS, Contract for Difference, Dame Sue Ion, EDF, Gerald Clark, Hinkley Point, Jeremy Pocklington, Levy Control Framework, Manchester Museum, Moorside, NIRAB, National College for Nuclear, Nuclear Innovation Research Advisory Board, Nuclear renaissance, Nuscale, Rolls-Royce, SMR, SMR Delivery Roadmap, Sellafield, Sheffield Forgemasters, Sizewell, Strike price, Theresa May, Vocational skills, Westinghouse, Wylfa Newydd.
31 October 2016
October Newsletter No217
Tags: AGM, Annual Report, David Cameron, Education, Greenpeace, Hinkley Point, LNT, Magic of Science, Mothers For Nuclear, Nuclear Industry Association, Nuclear Renaissance, Nuclear is for Life, Roger Vaughan, SONE website, Sir Bernard Ingham, Tony Blair, Wade Allison.
30 September 2016
September Newsletter No216
Tags: CGN, China General Nuclear, EDF, Flamanville, Greg Clark, Hinkley Point, Jean-Bernard Lévy, KEPCO, LCOE, NuGen, Strike price, Theresa May, Tom Samson, Vincent de Rivaz.
31 August 2016
August Newsletter No215
Tags: Drax, EDF, Fiddler’s Ferry, Hinkley Point, Jean-Bernard Lévy, National Grid, Nuclear is for Life, OFGEM, Radiation and Reason, Sinophobia, Sir Bernard Ingham, Theresa May, Vincent de Rivaz, Wade Allison.
30 July 2016
July Newsletter No214
Tags: Advanced Boiling Water Reactor, Brexit, CGN, EDF, Greg Clark, Hinkley Point, Philip Hammond, SMR, Theresa May, Trawsfynydd, Unions, Wylfa Newydd.
30 June 2016
June Newsletter No212
Tags: Andrea Leadsom, Brexit, Culham, David Cameron, EDF, Greenpeace, Horizon, JET, Jeremy Corbyn, NuGen.
10 May 2016
May Newsletter No212
Tags: Andrea Leadsom, Areva, Austria, Contract for Difference, David Erskine, EDF, Flamanville, France, Hinkley Point, Strike price.
29 April 2016
April Newsletter No211
Tags: AP1000, Amber Rudd, Areva, CGN, EDF, EPR, Emmanuel Macron, Flamanville, Francois Hollande, Hinkley Point, NuGen, PWR, Segolene Royal, Tom Samson, Vincent de Rivaz.
30 March 2016
March Newsletter No210
Tags: AGR, Atomic bomb, BNFL, Barack Obama, Brexit, Christopher Hinton, EDF, Euratom, Hinkley Point, Japan, MOX, Magnox, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Nuclear Issues, PWR, Plutonium, Reprocessing, Savannah River, Sellafield, Uranium, Vincent de Rivaz, Weapons grade, Windscale.
3 March 2016
SONE Newsletter Downloads
29 February 2016
February Newsletter No209
Tags: EDF, Hinkley Point, Jean-Bernard Lévy.
30 December 2015
December Newsletter No207
Tags: ALARA, Climate Change, Dounreay, Fracking, Francois Hollande, Greenpeace, James Hansen, LNT, Nuclear is for Life, Paris Agreement, Plutonium, Radiophobia, Uranium, Wade Allison.
30 November 2015
November Newsletter No206
Tags: Amber Rudd, Andrea Leadsom, Barack Obama, Carbon Capture, China, Climate Change, Energy policy, Fracking, Gas, George Osborne, India, John Kerry, Moorside, Offshore wind, Renewables, SMR, Shale Wealth Fund, Solar, Wylfa Newydd.
30 October 2015
October Newsletter No205
Tags: AGM, Andrea Leadsom, Annual Report, Babcock & Wilcox, Bechtel, CGN, Dame Sue Ion, EDF, EPR, Hinkley Point, Horizon, Moorside, National Grid, Oldbury, SMR, Sizewell, Westinghouse, Wylfa Newydd.
30 September 2015
September Newsletter No204
Tags: Areva, China, China, Dame Sue Ion, EDF, EPR, Finland, Flamanville, France, George Osborne, Hinkley Point, Hungary, International Atomic Energy Agency, Jean-Bernard Lévy, Moorside, NuGen, Nuclear growth, Olkiluoto, South Korea, Strike price, Taishan, Vincent de Rivaz.
30 August 2015
August Newsletter No203
Tags: Adrian Bull, Amber Rudd, Areva, Calder Hall, China, Christopher Booker, EDF, Hinkley Point, Jim Al-Khalili, Moorside, NuGen, Plutonium, Sellafield, Sizewell, Strike price.
30 July 2015
July Newsletter No202
Tags: AP1000, Advanced Boiling Water Reactor, Areva, China, EDF, EPR, Finland, Flamanville, France, France, George Osborne, Hinkley Point, Moorside, National Grid, NuGen, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Olkiluoto, PWR, Sellafield, Tom Samson, Westinghouse.
30 June 2015
June Newsletter No201
Tags: AP1000, EDF, Hinkley Point, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Sellafield, Visitor centres.
30 May 2015
May Newsletter No200
30 April 2015
April Newsletter No199
Tags: Flowers Report, Nuclear waste, Plutonium, Sellafield, UKEA, Uranium.
31 March 2015
March Newsletter No198
Tags: Dame Sue Ion, Euratom, European Commission, Hinkley Point, Radium girls.
28 February 2015
February Newsletter No197
Tags: ALARA, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Nick Clegg, Radium girls, SMR, Sellafield.
30 January 2015
January Newsletter No196
30 December 2014
December Newsletter No195
30 November 2014
November Newsletter No194
Tags: Ed Davey, Germany, Greenpeace, Hinkley Point, Plutonium, Sellafield, Sir Bernard Ingham, Uranium, Vince Cable, Wind.
30 October 2014
October Newsletter No193
30 September 2014
September Newsletter No192
Tags: EDF, Harold Bolter, Hinkley Point, Sir Bernard Ingham.
30 August 2014
August Newsletter No191
30 July 2014
July Newsletter No190
Tags: Amber Rudd, EDF, Ed Davey, Greenpeace, Matt Hancock, Offshore wind, Vince Cable, Wade Allison.
30 June 2014
June Newsletter No189
Tags: China, EDF, Ed Davey, Greenpeace, Iraq, Sizewell, Ukraine.
30 May 2014
May Newsletter No188
30 April 2014
April Newsletter No187
Tags: Australia, Climate Change, Desmond Tutu, Ed Davey, Ed Miliband, Hinkley Point, Horizon, James Lovelock, Michael Gove, Poland, SMR, Uranium, William Hague.
30 March 2014
March Newsletter No186
Tags: Climate Change, EDF, Greenpeace, Hinkley Point, State aid, Ukraine, Vincent de Rivaz.
28 February 2014
February Newsletter No185
31 January 2014
January Newsletter No184
1 January 2013
January Newsletter No172
Tags: EDF, Greenpeace, Hinkley Point, Olkiluoto, Terry Price, Uranium, Vincent de Rivaz.
8 November 2012
November Newsletter No170
Tags: Angela Merkel, Ed Davey, Greenpeace, Hinkley Point, Horizon, Wylfa Newydd.
30 October 2012
October Newsletter No.169
Tags: AGM, Greenpeace.

Historic (28 posts)

Old SONE articles, published between 2006 and 2017, and retained here for their historical interest.

9 October 2017
Nuclear Energy - The UK's Stable and Low-Carbon Energy Future
Tags: Energy security, Renewables.
23 January 2017
Horizon cleared to buy reactor com­po­nents for Wylfa Newydd
Tags: Horizon, Wylfa Newydd.
19 January 2017
NuGen joins UK nuclear industry delegation on trade mission to Japan
Tags: Japan, Moorside, NuGen, Tom Samson, Toshiba.
18 January 2017
Partnering to Build Wylfa Newydd
Tags: Horizon, Japan, Wylfa Newydd.
12 January 2017
First U.S. SMR regulatory application builds case for future NuScale deployment in UK
14 February 2014
Nuclear Industry Calls For Level Playing Field For All Forms Of Low-Carbon Technologies
Tags: European Union, Foratom, Low Carbon, State aid.
31 January 2014
Russia Partnership Is ‘Right Choice’ For Finland
Tags: Fennovoima, Finland, Hanhikivi, Rosatom, Russia.
30 January 2014
Japan Draft Budget Includes USD 6.2 Billion For Fukushima
Tags: Fukushima, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum.
31 January 2013
Standardisation Is Key To Reducing Up-Front Costs, Says NEI Head
Tags: AP1000, Marvin Fertel, Nuclear Energy Institute, Standardisation.
29 November 2012
Market Reforms Announced To Attract UK Nuclear Investment
Tags: Contract for Difference, Ed Davey, Low Carbon, Office for Nuclear Regulation.
26 November 2012
UK Intends To Deliver On New Nuclear, Energy Secretary Tells MPs
Tags: Department of Energy, Ed Davey, Hitachi, Horizon, Tim Yeo.
23 November 2012
UK Announces ‘Landmark Agreement’ On Market Support For New Nuclear
Tags: Contract for Difference, Ed Davey, Levy Control Framework, Low Carbon, New Nuclear, Strike price.
16 November 2012
UK Says EPR Design Issues Will Be Closed By End Of Year
Tags: Areva, EDF, EPR, Environment Agency.
22 October 2012
BENE – Better Environment with Nuclear Energy
Tags: BENE, Ireland.
19 July 2012
The Nuclear Power Situation 2012
Tags: Electricity supply, Nuclear power, Nuclear waste, Plutonium, Safety, Sellafield, Uranium.
14 May 2012
Letter to the Irish Times
Tags: David Sowby, Ireland, Irish Times, Nuclear power, Wind.
21 March 2012
The Case for Nuclear Power
Tags: Nuclear power, Plutonium, Reliability, Safety, Uranium.
21 March 2012
Power Cuts in the Making
Tags: Energy security, Energy supply, Power Cuts.
17 February 2012
Energy Prices
Tags: Energy prices, Fuel poverty.
5 December 2011
Letter to Alex Salmond
13 May 2011
Letter to The Telegraph
Tags: Daily Telegraph, National Grid, Paul Spare.
30 April 2011
Japan incident shows that nuclear power is safe
Tags: Fukushima, Irish Examiner, Japan.
29 March 2011
Letter to The Irish Times
Tags: Bhopal, Chernobyl, Daiichi, Daini, David Sowby, Frank Turvey, Fukushima, Irish Times.
4 March 2011
Letter to the Irish Independent
Tags: David Sowby, Ireland, Irish Academy of Engineering, Irish Independent, Wind.
22 October 2010
The Looming Energy Crisis
Tags: Energy Crisis, Nuclear power, Renewables.
13 November 2008
The great 80/50 carbon cull – a new labour for Hercules
Tags: Carbon dioxide, Global Warming, National Grid.
13 November 2008
Energy Conservation
Tags: Energy Conservation.
4 July 2006
SONE Podcast: Dr James Lovelock
Tags: BNES, Dame Sue Ion, James Lovelock, Podcast.

Nuclear Industry Association (43 posts)

Articles posted by the Nuclear Industry Association from 2017 to 2018.

8 March 2018
NIA UK | NIA comments on government response to BEIS Committee report on civil nuclear
Tags: BEIS, Brexit, Euratom, IAEA, Nuclear Industry Association, Tom Greatrex.
14 February 2018
NIA UK | Sellafield Ltd signs Technical Services Agreement with National Nuclear Laboratory
Tags: National Nuclear Laboratory, Sellafield.
13 February 2018
NIA UK | NAMRC seeks industry views on new nuclear research hubs
Tags: Nuclear AMRC, Nuclear research.
29 January 2018
NIA UK | NIA welcomes House of Lords EU Energy & Environment committee report
Tags: Brexit, EU Energy & Environment committee, Euratom, House of Lords, ITER, JET, Tom Greatrex.
4 January 2018
NIA UK | MW Hargreaves completes Chernobyl project
Tags: Chernobyl, MW Hargreaves, New Safe Confinement.
22 December 2017
NIA UK | D-day as evaporator starts its mission
Tags: Evaporator D, Reprocessing, Sellafield.
21 December 2017
NIA UK | Nuclear and renewables combined give low carbon power boost in Scotland
Tags: BEIS, Renewables, Tom Greatrex.
14 December 2017
NIA UK | NIA welcomes design approval for the UK ABWR
Tags: Advanced Boiling Water Reactor, Horizon, Tom Greatrex, Wylfa Newydd.
4 December 2017
NIA UK | Civil nuclear’s £6.4 billion contribution to UK economy – new Oxford Economics study
Tags: Capenhurst, Heysham, National Nuclear Laboratory, Sellafield.
20 November 2017
NIA UK | Winfrith Reactor Decommissioning Reaches Important Milestone
Tags: James Fisher Nuclear, Magnox, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Winfrith.
20 November 2017
NIA UK | Community digs deep to unearth Anglesey’s secret history
Tags: Anglesey, Archaeology, Horizon, Wylfa Newydd.
17 November 2017
NIA UK | Nuvia set for Sellafield BEP Grout Plant contract
Tags: Nuvia, Sellafield.
14 November 2017
NIA UK | Sellafield decommissioning reaches new heights
Tags: Decommissioning, Nuvia, Sellafield.
10 November 2017
NIA UK | New nuclear power vital to the UK’s electricity mix, says new report
Tags: New Nuclear, SMR.
9 November 2017
NIA UK | Rolls-Royce Signs Collaboration Agreement with Jordan for Small Modular Reactor Technology
Tags: Jordan, Rolls-Royce, SMR.
16 October 2017
NIA UK | New Poll – public want UK to stay part of Euratom
Tags: Euratom, Nuclear Co-operation Agreements.
6 October 2017
NIA UK | Learn more about Wylfa Newydd at October Open Surgery
Tags: Horizon, Richard Foxhall, Wylfa Newydd.
29 September 2017
NIA UK | New scheme puts small firms centre stage
Tags: Martin Chown, Sellafield.
28 September 2017
NIA UK | Low carbon electricity powers UK
Tags: Low Carbon, Nuclear Industry Association, Tom Greatrex.
18 September 2017
NIA UK | Next generation start their nuclear apprenticeships on Anglesey
Tags: Horizon, Wylfa Newydd.
13 September 2017
NIA UK | Aquila awarded contract by Magnox Limited for external mixing unit
Tags: Hinkley Point, Magnox.
12 September 2017
NIA UK | British small nuclear plants can deliver low cost, low carbon electricity
Tags: Amec Foster Wheeler, Nuvia, Rolls-Royce, SMR.
6 September 2017
NIA UK | X-energy and Centrus Energy to Develop Fuel for Advanced Nuclear Reactors
Tags: Centrus Energy, TRISO, Uranium, X-Energy.
27 July 2017
NIA UK | Nuclear power contributes 21% of low carbon power generation in 2016
Tags: Future Energy Scenarios, Low Carbon, National Grid, Slar, Wind.
19 July 2017
NIA UK | Innovation funding, unlocking the potential of small and medium size companies
Tags: Decommissioning, Eadon Consulting, Innovation Agency, Sellafield, Sheffield.
19 July 2017
NIA UK | Horizon announces operational training support partner for Wylfa Newydd
Tags: Horizon, Tecnatom, Wylfa Newydd.
11 July 2017
NIA UK | Nuvia secures prestigious RoSPA Engineering Services Sector Award 2017
27 June 2017
NIA UK | New figures show 65,000 jobs boost from UK nuclear
Tags: Employment, Nuclear New Build Conference.
21 June 2017
NIA UK | NIA comment on Nuclear Safeguards Bill
Tags: Brexit, Euratom, Nuclear Safeguards Bill, Tom Greatrex.
21 June 2017
NIA UK | Bradwell completes FED treatment programme
Tags: Bradwell, Fuel Element Debris, Magnox, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Tradebe-Inutec.
14 June 2017
NIA UK | NDA launches major nuclear decommissioning industry event
Tags: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.
6 June 2017
NIA UK | Amec Foster Wheeler forms alliance to test equipment for nuclear safety
Tags: Amec Foster Wheeler, EQSA, Element Materials Technology, Greg Willetts, Tecnatom.
24 May 2017
NIA UK | Latest Wylfa Newydd power station plans published for consultation
Tags: Horizon, Wylfa Newydd.
16 May 2017
NIA UK | Tom Samson briefs Cumbrian stakeholders on NuGen’s Strategic Review
Tags: Moorside, NuGen, Tom Samson.
11 May 2017
NIA UK | Rolls-Royce and Bruce Power sign multi-year cooperation agreement
3 May 2017
NIA UK | UK Nuclear Industry Study – steps required to avoid Brexit Euratom cliff edge
Tags: Brexit, Euratom, European Commission.
2 May 2017
NIA UK | Decision must be taken on UK SMR programme
Tags: Euratom, SMR, Tom Greatrex.
26 April 2017
NIA UK | New British-Franco agreement to strengthen skills development for the nuclear industry
18 April 2017
NIA UK | UKAEA announces collaboration with ITER
18 April 2017
NIA UK | James Fisher Nuclear Flying High with Sellafield Decommissioning
21 February 2017
NIA UK | NuGen provides updates on Moorside progress – NIA UK
21 February 2017
NIA UK | NIA comment on EU Withdrawal Bill – NIA UK
Tags: Brexit, Euratom, Tom Greatrex.
21 February 2017
NIA UK | Horizon and Exelon partner to advance Wylfa Newydd project – NIA UK

World Nuclear News (33 posts)

Articles posted by World Nuclear News from 2014 to 2016.

9 August 2016
The Nuclear Institute – Announcement
Tags: Alastair Laird.
28 June 2016
EDF and MHI consider collaboration
Tags: Areva, EDF, Jean-Bernard Lévy, Mitsubishi.
15 June 2016
Areva outlines restructuring plan
Tags: Areva, EDF, France.
27 April 2016
International support for rehabilitation of Chernobyl site
Tags: Chernobyl, Donald Tusk, Petro Poroshenko.
26 April 2016
James Fisher Nuclear Ltd
Tags: James Fisher Nuclear, Magnox, Winfrith.
18 April 2016
UK capable of producing Westinghouse SMR vessel
Tags: AP1000, NAMRC, SMR, Westinghouse.
22 January 2016
Sellafield Ltd strives to stay within budget in ‘crucial’ year ahead
Tags: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Sellafield.
14 September 2015
Japan’s Kyushu Electric Power Company
11 September 2015
Three challenges for Areva
Tags: Areva, Olkiluoto, Uranium.
8 September 2015
A 12-week consultation
12 May 2015
Contract for Sellafield silo waste storage boxes
23 April 2015
Mini subs retrieve Sellafield isotope gear
22 April 2015
Court ruling clears way for Sendai restarts
16 April 2015
Amec Foster Wheeler
15 April 2015
Nugen announces public consultation
9 April 2015
Job cuts as final decision on Hinkley Point C remains
1 April 2015
Russia completes design of underground radwaste research laboratory
Tags: Nuclear waste, Rosatom, Russia.
1 April 2015
Magnox expands with merger of RSRL
1 April 2015
Magnox expands with merger of RSRL
1 April 2015
Finland starts building plug for repository tunnel
31 March 2015
Urenco gets US regulatory approval to expand Eunice plant
Tags: Uranium, Urenco.
31 March 2015
NuScale upper module mock-up completed
31 March 2015
France’s larger reactors OK for 40 years, says regulator
31 March 2015
France’s larger reactors OK for 40 years, says regulator
31 March 2015
Argentina, Bolivia sign agreement to develop nuclear energy
31 March 2015
A path towards innovating nuclear energy
18 February 2015
UK Magnox site declared fuel free
24 November 2014
All eyes on Hinkley
13 November 2014
Fuqing 1 attains full power
12 November 2014
China, USA set post-2020 climate targets
10 November 2014
China and Canada expand cooperation
7 November 2014
Local consents for Sendai restart
10 October 2014
All eyes on Hinkley

Nuclear Network (201 posts)

Articles posted by Nuclear Network from 2013 to 2016.

29 November 2016
UK Researchers Turn Nuclear Waste Into Diamonds That Generate Electricity
Tags: Diamond batteries, Nuclear waste, University of Bristol.
28 November 2016
Public Consultation For UK’s Sizewell C Project Relaunched, EDF Energy Says
Tags: EDF, EPR, Sizewell.
26 August 2016
New CEO Appointed For UK’s Atomic Energy Authority
Tags: Culham, Ian Chapman, UKAEA.
16 August 2016
Putin Asks For ‘Coordinated Position’ On Use Of Thorium
Tags: Rosatom, Thorium, Uranium, Vladimir Putin.
9 August 2016
UK-China Relations ‘At Critical Juncture’ Over Hinkley, says Ambassador
Tags: CGN, China, Hinkley Point, Theresa May.
9 August 2016
UK Academics Share Their Thoughts On Hinkley Point C
Tags: Alyssa Gilbert, Ben Britton, David Cameron, Hinkley Point, Joanna Haigh, Mark Wenman, Martin Siegert, Michael Bluck.
9 August 2016
Horizon Gives €1M To Fund Nuclear Engineering Centre In Wales
Tags: Horizon, Wylfa Newydd.
9 August 2016
EDF Welcomes High Court Decision To Reject Union’s Hinkley Point Request
Tags: EDF, Hinkley Point, Jean-Bernard Lévy.
28 June 2016
Russia And France Are Discussing Nuclear Cooperation, Says Rosatom
Tags: France, Hanhikivi, Rosatom, Russia.
27 June 2016
France’s Regulator Says 18 EDF Steam Generators May Have Anomaly
Tags: Areva, EDF, Flamanville, France.
26 April 2016
Chernobyl 30 Years On: Key Remediation And Safety Projects Are ‘On Track’
Tags: Chernobyl, New Safe Confinement, Ukraine.
20 April 2016
German Minister Urges Belgium To Shut Down Reactors For ‘Further Investigation’
Tags: Belgium, Doel-3, Electrabel, Germany, Tihange-2.
18 April 2016
EDF Energy CEO Warns Of ‘Dire’ Situation For Electricity Generators
Tags: EDF, Hinkley Point, Sizewell, Vincent de Rivaz.
13 April 2016
European Parliament Wants More Information On Schedule And Cost For Iter
Tags: Bernard Bigot, European Parliament, Fusion for Energy, ITER, Marian-Jean Marinescu.
11 February 2016
European Parliament Report Says Nuclear Can be Vital
Tags: Energy supply, European Parliament.
10 February 2016
EU Regulation On Radioactive Contamination In Foodstuffs Enters Into Force
Tags: Euratom, European Commission, Radioactive contamination.
5 February 2016
European Industry Welcomes Plans To Continue Participation In Gen IV Research
Tags: Euratom, Generation IV, MSR.
28 January 2016
Westinghouse Signs Sellafield Agreements As Part Of Two Consortia
Tags: Westinghouse.
28 January 2016
Former Labour MP Is New NIA Chief Executive
Tags: Nuclear Industry Association, Tom Greatrex.
19 January 2016
UK Could Have First SMR In Operation By 2025, Says NuScale
Tags: Fluor Corporation, NuScale, SMR.
16 September 2015
NuGen Signs Long-Term Agreement With Sellafield And NDA
16 September 2015
Britain needs Hinkley Point C, says EDF Energy head
14 September 2015
UK Needs Nuclear Because Renewables Cannot Fill Gap, Says NIA Chairman
11 September 2015
Japan’s Sendai-1 Officially Resumes Commercial Operation, Operator Says
11 September 2015
Fuel Loading Begins At Japan’s Sendai-2
1 September 2015
IAEA Fukushima Report: Key Findings And Recommendations
2 July 2015
German Energy Cooperative Ready To Submit Hinkley Point C State Aid Appeal
Tags: Austria, Germany, Greenpeace, Hinkley Point.
22 June 2015
Council Endorses Plans For Higher Emergency Exposure Limit In Japan
17 June 2015
UK Should Have Public Ownership Option For Nuclear Plants, Says Report
10 June 2015
EPR Safety Valves Examination ‘Ongoing’, IRSN Says
9 June 2015
Nuclear Industry Welcomes G7 Pledge To Phase Out Fossil Fuels
8 June 2015
Westinghouse Calls On Europe To Ensure ‘Level Playing Field’ For Nuclear
8 June 2015
UK Energy Secretary Calls For New Nuclear Stations To Be ‘Beautiful’
22 May 2015
Magnox Announces Job Cuts At 12 UK Sites
21 May 2015
Japan’s NRA To Increase Radiation Limit For Nuclear Workers In Emergencies
18 May 2015
Nuclear Could Replace Fossil Fuels In Less Than A Decade, Researchers Say
12 May 2015
UK Company Wins £50 Million Sellafield Storage Container Contract
8 May 2015
Lower Fossil Fuel Prices And Slow Economic Growth Could Hamper Nuclear, Report Warns
7 May 2015
Tepco Gets Go-Ahead For Testing Of Fukushima ‘Frozen Walls’
21 April 2015
UK University Gets £3.5 Million Grant For Nuclear Materials Analysis
3 April 2015
Russia Transfers Funds For Finland’s Hanhikivi-1
Tags: Finland, Hanhikivi, Rosatom, Russia.
3 April 2015
Russia ‘Ready’ To Take Back Iran’s Spent Fuel
3 April 2015
Last Leningrad 2-2 Steam Generator Ships Out
3 April 2015
Japan Govt Plans 20 Percent of Electricity From Nuclear By 2030
3 April 2015
EDF Energy To Cut 400 Jobs At Hinkley Point C Site
30 March 2015
Belgian’s Support Nuclear As Part Of Energy Mix, Poll Shows
20 February 2015
Eight EU States Ask For Recognition Of Nuclear In Energy Union Policy
19 February 2015
UK’s NuGen Moves From London To Manchester
19 February 2015
UK Regulators Declare Sizewell A Fuel-Free
18 February 2015
Fukushima-Daiichi Situation Remains ‘Very Complex’, Says IAEA Team
10 February 2015
Nuclear Accounted For Largest Share Of EU Energy Production In 2013, Says Eurostat
27 January 2015
NRC Rejects Petition To Have Fukushima-Type Reactors Shut Down
23 January 2015
Rolls-Royce Wins Boiler Modification Contract For Dungeness B
13 January 2015
UK Strips Consortium Of Sellafield Contract
12 January 2015
Heysham A-1 Returns To Grid
8 January 2015
Argonne Joins Forces With Nuclear Industry On Next Generation Reactors
29 December 2014
Ukraine’s Zaporozhye-6 Reconnected To Grid After Shutdown
29 December 2014
Russia’s Rostov-3 Connected To Grid
Tags: PWR, Rostov-3, Russia, VVER-1000.
29 December 2014
Poll By New Industry Group Shows Support For UK Nuclear
29 December 2014
NRC Veteran Appointed Chairman
29 December 2014
China’s Fangjiashan-2 Achieves First Criticality
22 December 2014
‘No Risk To Nuclear Installations’ In South Korea Computer Hack
17 December 2014
Westinghouse Wins Sellafield Skip Handler Machine Contract
16 December 2014
Union Calls For Restart Of Japan’s Reactors
16 December 2014
Sweden Sets Deadline For Introduction Of Independent Core Cooling
16 December 2014
EP Considers Nuclear As ‘Significant Alternative’ For Electricity Production
15 December 2014
Nuclear Projects Feature On EC List Of ‘Priority Investments’
11 December 2014
World Energy Outlook Warns Nuclear Industry On Decommissioning And Disposal
8 December 2014
Russia Could Build Up To 24 Reactors In India, Media Reports
Tags: Alexander Kadakin, India, Russia, Vladimir Putin.
3 December 2014
Fortum Plans Significant Investment In Hanhikivi Nuclear Project
Tags: Fennovoima, Finland, Fortum, Gazprom, Hanhikivi, Rosatom, Russia.
2 December 2014
NuGen Signs Moorside Agreement With UK Treasury
1 December 2014
Regulatory Uncertainty Is Largest Barrier To Energy Investment, Says EC
21 November 2014
Regulatory Uncertainty Is Largest Barrier To Energy Investment, Says EC
21 November 2014
NRC Safety Report Paves Way For First ESBWR Licence
21 November 2014
Areva Suspends Financial Targets, EDF Confirms Flamanville-3 Delays
21 November 2014
Agreement Signed For Construction Of Russia’s MBIR Fast Neutron Research Reactor
20 November 2014
US Nuclear Industry Maintains ‘Excellent’ Safety Record, Says NRC Report
17 November 2014
US MOX Facility Receives 10-Year Construction Licence Extension
17 November 2014
Tepco Removes Second Panel From Fukushima Roof Cover
17 November 2014
India ‘In Talks’ With EU On Possible Nuclear Pact
17 November 2014
Former US Energy Secretary Warns UK On New Build Policy
17 November 2014
Approval Expected For Six New China Reactors
14 November 2014
World Energy Outlook Warns Nuclear Industry On Decommissioning And Disposal
14 November 2014
Russia Signs Agreement To Build Up To Eight Reactors In Iran
14 November 2014
IAEA Experts Have Approved Baltic EIA, Says Rosatom
13 November 2014
Russia Takes Major Step In Production Of MOX Fuel
13 November 2014
GDF Suez Plans Restart Of Doel-3 And Tihange-2
13 November 2014
China’s First HTGR To Be Completed In 2017
12 November 2014
Russia Ships Second Tianwan-3 Steam Generator To China
12 November 2014
Poland’s Maria Research Reactor Successfully Uses Russian LEU Fuel
Tags: Pland, Uranium.
12 November 2014
Operating Licence For Spain’s Trillo Renewed For 10 Years
12 November 2014
NRC Grants Licence Renewal For Crow Butte Uranium Mine
Tags: Uranium.
12 November 2014
Installation Of Irrigation System Complete At Novovoronezh 2-1
11 November 2014
Russia Signs Agreement To Build Up To Eight Reactors In Iran
11 November 2014
Caesium-134 In Pacific Poses No Threat, Says Report
10 November 2014
South Africa And China Sign Nuclear Agreement
10 November 2014
Russia ‘Willing To Help’ Peru Build First Nuclear Station
10 November 2014
Construction Progresses At Kursk Radioactive Waste Processing Plant
10 November 2014
Bolivia And Argentina Agree To Increase Nuclear Cooperation
10 November 2014
Belarusian Specialists To Audit Russian Suppliers
7 November 2014
US Industry ‘Working With New Congress’ To Advance Nuclear Priorities
7 November 2014
Sellafield ‘Working Non-Stop’ To Make Sure Ponds Are Safe And Secure
7 November 2014
Russia Presents Reactor Technologies To South Africa
7 November 2014
Russia Intends To Resolve Graphite Problems At All RBMK Units
7 November 2014
New Book Points To ‘Overarching Lesson’ From Fukushima-Daiichi
7 November 2014
‘Major Turning Point’ For Japan As Governor Approves Sendai Restarts
7 November 2014
Life Without Nuclear Is Not Realistic, Says Belgium’s New Energy Minister
7 November 2014
Iter To Enter New Phase After Completion Of Concrete Basemat
7 November 2014
Hoedemakers Becomes First Woman To Chair NEA’s Nuclear Steering Committee
7 November 2014
China Expert Panel Backs Development Of Candu’s AFCR
7 November 2014
Candu R&D Centre Opens In Beijing
6 November 2014
Westinghouse Files Contempt Of Court Application Over Koeberg Documents
6 November 2014
Slovakia Approves Long-Term Plans For Nuclear Expansion
6 November 2014
Sellafield ‘Working Non-Stop’ To Make Sure Ponds Are Safe And Secure
6 November 2014
New Book Points To ‘Overarching Lesson’ From Fukushima-Daiichi
6 November 2014
Kazakhstan And China To Increase Nuclear Cooperation
6 November 2014
Cold Testing To Begin At China’s Changjiang-1
21 August 2014
Westinghouse Plans Two New AP1000 Units For Utah
16 July 2014
Regulator Gives Go-Ahead For Restart Of Two Japan Reactors
18 June 2014
UK And China Sign ‘Landmark’ Deal On Nuclear Cooperation
12 June 2014
China Manufactures AP1000 Components To Westinghouse Criteria
9 June 2014
Japanese Economic Organisations Make Urgent Appeal For Reactor Restarts
5 June 2014
NEA Report Aims To ‘Dispel Myths’ Surrounding Uranium Mining
Tags: OECD, Uranium.
5 June 2014
Hong Kong Needs ‘Dedicated Nuclear’ From China, Says Society
28 May 2014
EC Proposes Diversification Of Fuel Supplies As Condition For New Nuclear
Tags: Euratom, Nuclear Safety Directive, Uranium.
27 May 2014
France’s State Auditor Says EDF’s Nuclear Costs Are Increasing
19 May 2014
Bern Voters Reject Bid To Close Mühleberg Immediately
16 May 2014
Wano Creates Scholarships To Mark 25th Anniversary
Tags: WANO.
16 May 2014
Tepco Reaches Half Way Point In Removal Of Fuel Assemblies
16 May 2014
Rosatom Praises UK ‘State-Aid’ Model For New Build Incentives
16 May 2014
NRC Sets First Deadlines For Earthquake Risk Analysis
16 May 2014
Industry Group Proposes Four Nuclear Reactors For Chile
16 May 2014
France Plans Introduction Of Commercial Fast Neutron Reactors In 2040
Tags: Christophe Béhar, Fast neutron reactors, Generation IV, Plutonium, Uranium.
12 May 2014
Poland Plans 12% Nuclear Share By 2030, Conference Hears
8 April 2014
EC Unfairly Discredits Nuclear Energy In Hinkley Analysis, Says Foratom
Tags: Euratom, Foratom, Hinkley Point.
20 March 2014
China ‘Sets 10-Year Deadline’ For Design Of Thorium Reactor
Tags: China, Thorium, Uranium.
19 March 2014
EDF Denies Media Reports It ‘Played Down Flood Risk’ At Dungeness B
Tags: Dungeness.
18 March 2014
Returns On Hinkley Point C Could Be Much Higher Than Usual, Says Report
18 March 2014
EDF Energy Refutes Hinkley Point ‘Return On Investment’ Claims
12 March 2014
Safety Has Improved Since Fukushima, Says US Government Report
10 March 2014
Three Years On, First Evacuees Are Ready To Return To Fukushima Homes
7 March 2014
Urenco Remains Bullish, Despite Fall In Earnings
Tags: Uranium, Urenco.
7 March 2014
UK Announces Parliamentary Inquiry Into ‘Small Nuclear’
7 March 2014
Russia’s Rostov-3 Reaches Construction Milestones
7 March 2014
Fennovoima Seeks Revised Government Approval For Hanhikivi
7 March 2014
Contaminated Equipment Removed From Sellafield Storage Pond
6 March 2014
TVEL To Honour Fuel Commitments, Despite Ukraine Transport Ban
6 March 2014
Nordic Countries Adopt New Nuclear And Radiological Emergency Guidelines
5 March 2014
Industry Calls For Equal Treatment Of Nuclear In European Climate Change Policy
4 March 2014
Japan Ministers Approve Nuclear As ‘Key Baseload Power’
3 March 2014
UK Proposes Interim Storage For Overseas Origin Nuclear Fuel
28 February 2014
US Ready To Build World’s Largest Pulsed Electromagnet For Iter
28 February 2014
Obama Approves 123 Agreement With Vietnam
Tags: 123 Agreements, Barack Obama, Plutonium, Uranium, Vietnam.
28 February 2014
Finland And Russia Sign Strategic Partnership And Fuel Delivery Agreements
28 February 2014
Bulgaria Conference To Address New Build And Lifetime Extensions
28 February 2014
Areva Hit By EUR 425 Million Losses On Olkiluoto-3 Project
26 February 2014
African Nations Urged To Set Up Effective Nuclear Regulators
24 February 2014
Nuclenor Says Decree Is ‘Very Positive’ For Garoña
13 February 2014
US Researchers Announce ‘World First’ On Road To Fusion Energy
13 February 2014
EDF Energy Plans 10-year Lifetime Extensions For Dungeness B Units
Tags: Dungeness.
11 February 2014
Improve Or Face Losing Contract, MPs Warn Sellafield Consortium
10 February 2014
UK Gives Consent For Decommissioning Of Wylfa
6 February 2014
No Opposition ‘In Principle’ Towards Deep Geological Repository In France, Says Andra
4 February 2014
Tepco Says It Is Making ‘Significant Progress On Several Fronts’
4 February 2014
Think Tank Urges Australia To Reconsider Nuclear
Tags: Australia, SMR, Uranium.
4 February 2014
Atomic Journal Questions Capital Cost Of SMRs
31 January 2014
UK and France Announce Plans For Further Nuclear Collaboration
31 January 2014
NRC Paves Way For South Dakota Uranium Recovery Project
Tags: Uranium.
31 January 2014
‘No Evidence’ Of Radioactive Release At UK’s Sellafield
31 January 2014
Myrrha Research Reactor Test Facilities Unveiled
31 January 2014
Axpo Board Decides To Halt Russian Uranium For Beznau
Tags: Beznau, Uranium.
30 January 2014
Supply Chain ‘Crucial To Nuclear Success’ In US
30 January 2014
Russia Partnership ‘Right Choice’ For Finland
Tags: Fennovoima, Finland, Hanhikivi, Rosatom, Russia.
30 January 2014
Poland Adopts Plans For First Nuclear Plant In 2024
30 January 2014
Fertel Lobbies Congress On Need For Nuclear 123 Agreements
Tags: 123 Agreements, Euratom, Marvin Fertel, Nuclear Energy Institute.
30 January 2014
US Congress Allocates USD 110 Million For Small Modular Reactor Funding
22 January 2014
South Korea Has Taken Steps To Improve Public Information, Says IAEA
14 January 2014
Westinghouse Takes Step Towards Construction Of Three New Reactors In UK
14 January 2014
German Court Rules Forced Biblis Shutdown ‘Illegal’
13 January 2014
Japan Scientists To Create ‘Mini Meltdown’ For Nuclear Safety Research
Tags: Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Meltdown.
10 January 2014
US Nuclear Operates At ‘Nearly 100 Percent’ Capacity During Record Cold
9 January 2014
Support For Nuclear Remains ‘Resilient’ In UK, Says Report
8 January 2014
UK University To Lead GBP 8 Million Nuclear Waste Research Programme
6 January 2014
UK Regulators Begin Next Phase Of Hitachi ABWR Assessment
6 January 2014
Low-Dose Initiative Will Have ‘Major Implications’ For Radiological Protection
2 January 2014
Fukushima-Daiichi Unit 1 Accident Was Not Due To Coolant Loss, Says Tepco
31 January 2013
Graphene Oxide Could Help With Radioactive Remediation, Say Researchers
30 January 2013
UK Repository Setback As Cumbria Votes ‘No’
30 January 2013
Bulgaria Election Commission Confirms Pro-Nuclear Referendum Result
22 January 2013
Japan’s Regulator Unveils Proposed New Safety Measures
21 January 2013
EC Calls For ITER Parties To ‘Reconfirm Their Political Commitment’
18 January 2013
Swiss Phase-Out Initiative To Be Put To National Vote
17 January 2013
Poland Commissioner Says Nuclear Must Be Part Of EU Energy Mix
15 January 2013
EDF Energy’s UK Plants Produce Highest Output For 7 Years
14 January 2013
US Energy Department Announces Plans For Repository By 2048
11 January 2013
NASA ‘A Step Closer’ To Mars Missions Using Nuclear Rocket Fuel
10 January 2013
Nuclear Energy Industry Is At ‘A New Crossroads’, Says NEA
Tags: Uranium.
8 January 2013
Rolls-Royce Expands Nuclear Operations With US Buyout
8 January 2013
More Than 50% Of Local Leaders Back Japan Nuclear Restarts
3 January 2013
Nuclenor Ratifies Decision To Shut Down Garoña Over Taxes
3 January 2013
Japan’s New PM Says Government ‘Will Endorse’ New Nuclear Plants

Nuclear Issues (23 posts)

Articles posted by Nuclear Issues from 2012 to 2015.

30 December 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No11 December
Tags: AGR, Amber Rudd, Daiichi, Daini, Dungeness, EDF, Employment, Fukushima, Hinkley Point, Renewables.
30 November 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No10 November
Tags: Carbon dioxide, Climate Change, Gas, Global Warming, Mark Carney, Offshore wind, Oil, STEM, Thorium, Uranium.
30 October 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No 9 October
9 October 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No 8 September
30 August 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No 7 August
Tags: Bertel Lohmann Andersen, E.On Sverige, Fessenheim, Krško, Oskarshamn, Vattenfall.
30 July 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No 6 July
Tags: AP1000, Andrea Leadsom, Climate Change, Hinkley Point, NuScale, Nuclear Matters, Penultimate Power, SMR.
30 June 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No 5 June
Tags: Amber Rudd, EDF, Magnox, Sizewell, Uranium.
30 May 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No 4 May
30 April 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No 3 April
31 March 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No 2 March
28 February 2015
2015 Nuclear Issues Vol 38 No 1 February
30 December 2014
2014 Nuclear Issues Vol 37 No 9 December
30 October 2014
2014 Nuclear Issues Vol 37 No 8 October
Tags: Euratom, Fusion, MSR, Owen Paterson, SMR, TRISO, Uranium, Urenco.
30 September 2014
2014 Nuclear Issues Vol 37 No 7 September
Tags: James Lovelock, John Constable, Renewable Energy Foundation, Renewables, Robert Skidelsky.
30 August 2014
2014 Nuclear Issues Vol 37 No 6 August
30 July 2014
2014 Nuclear Issues Vol 37 No 5 July
Tags: Candida Whitmill, Dame Sue Ion, Hinkley Point, Penultimate Power, SMR.
30 June 2014
2014 Nuclear Issues Vol 37 No 4 June
30 May 2014
2014 Nuclear Issues Vol 37 No 3 May
Tags: Anthropocene, Euratom, PRISM, Plutonium, Uranium.
30 March 2014
2014 nuclear Issues Vol 37 No 2 March
Tags: Anthropocene, Australia, Climate Change, Uranium.
31 January 2014
2014 nuclear Issues Vol 37 No 1 January
Tags: Climate Change, Germany, Greenpeace.
1 January 2013
2013 Nuclear Issues Vol 36 No1
8 November 2012
2012 Nuclear Issues Vol 35 No.11
Tags: China, Flamanville, Generation IV, National Nuclear Laboratory, Olkiluoto, Taishan, Uranium, Wind.
30 October 2012
2012 Nuclear Issues Vol 35 No.10