Letter to The Telegraph

Posted by SONE on 13 May 2011 in Historic

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Dear Sir,

Your newspaper reported that National Grid had measured an increase in  electricity demand of 2,400MW after the couple reached Buckingham Palace after the marriage ceremony at 12.40pm – the equivalent of nearly a million kettles being turned on at the same time.

It is incidents such as these that illustrate the utter folly of a policy to become more dependent upon renewable (natural) power systems.  They are totally inflexible and uncontrollable, unlike the coal and gas-fired plants that the Greens wish to shut down.  Had this 2,400 MW increase occurred in the high renewables era, the collapse in system frequency would have caused widespread blackouts as protection devices attempted to compensate.  Although very undesirable at such a time, the inconvenience would at least have presented objective evidence of our foolish energy policy.

Paul Spare