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Featured Articles about Nuclear Energy

Investing in wind energy on a large scale is mistaken

Wind power as a source of electricity generation is widely seen as freely available. However, its weakness and unreliability are ill matched to the demands of modern society. (From a LinkedIn article.)

Coming to Terms with Nuclear Waste

Nuclear waste is nasty, but in nearly 70 years of operating nuclear power stations nobody has lost their life from coping with nuclear waste. Treated sensibly it is safe. The waste is a product of the fuel and, because the fuel is so energy-rich, the quantity is minute.

A scientific and responsible view of a nuclear threat in war

In times of war misinformation can be dangerous and the subject deserves a wider discussion. It is a long time since the world received serious threats that included the words “nuclear” and “radiation”. How much weight should we attach to them?

You don't have to be a scientist to trust nuclear energy

As the world discusses sources of energy it is spooked by an eighty-year-old fear of ionising radiation and all forms of nuclear energy. But evidence from simple observation shows that this fear is simply misplaced and that everybody should be confident in making a future with nuclear power.

The Case for the Cultural Rehabilitation of Nuclear Energy

An exploration of the possible replacements for fossil fuels, their science and history. Evidently only nuclear energy can provide the energy required. Despite its exceptional safety this still carries a legacy of historical misunderstandings. These can be overcome through general re-education for the sake of future generations.

Nature, Energy, and Society

The nations of the world plan to stop burning carbon fuels, but have not fixed on the replacement. For social and economic confidence, they need to share a proper picture of the options. The world should look forwards to a heavy dependence on nuclear energy with a confidence, informed by natural science.

Nuclear energy and society, radiation and life – the evidence

The most effective source of carbon-free energy available on a large scale is nuclear and this would be accepted but for the general view that it is particularly dangerous. The scientific evidence does not support this long-held apprehension, but makes plain the need for a root-and-branch cultural change in attitudes to nuclear technology.