Supporters of Nuclear Energy

Campaigning for Nuclear Energy since 1998
You don't have to be a scientist to trust Nuclear Energy

Supporters of Nuclear Energy (SONE)

SONE is a group of individuals of many different disciplines, interests, and backgrounds. Our objectives are to promote informed debate about nuclear’s place in the global energy supply, to explain how it can help power the world’s economic development in a sustainable way, and to persuade UK politicians and others to support these aims.

SONE is independent and personally funded by its members.

The work of Marie Curie is celebrated for bringing nuclear radiation to the health of the world. SONE is convinced that her legacy should equally be welcomed for the power it can carry into the world’s industry and homes. The absence of any more reliable, cleaner, safer, and environmental source of energy makes it essential to overcome the public’s historical nuclear misgivings, and to gain its confidence by all means. With such confidence, concerns about waste, cost, and proliferation would be exposed as secondary.


We invite you to join us in promoting such a debate. Without secure energy supplies when they are needed, we cannot maintain our people in work, our prosperity or lifestyle or generate the resources needed to protect our environment.

If you would like contribute in any way, please let us know.