German Energy Cooperative Ready To Submit Hinkley Point C State Aid Appeal

Posted by NucNet on 2 July 2015 in NucNet

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Ten companies including electricity suppliers and municipal utilities from Germany and Austria will in the coming days submit an appeal against the European Commission’s decision to allow state aid for the UK’s Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, German energy cooperative Greenpeace Energy said in a press statement.

The group will argue that the UK nuclear project could strongly influence German power prices and so “distort competition”. “We are complaining against these boundless nuclear subsidies, because from an ecological and macro- economic viewpoint, they appear senseless and bring substantial financial disadvantages for other energy suppliers, renewable energies and for consumers,” said Soenke Tangermann, managing director of Greenpeace Energy, which describes itself as Germany’s largest national independent energy cooperative. The statement also said the British model to support nuclear energy could serve as a precedent for other nuclear projects, threatening the German energy transition.