NRC Sets First Deadlines For Earthquake Risk Analysis

Posted by NucNet on 16 May 2014 in NucNet

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has drawn up a list of 21 nuclear power stations in the central and eastern US that must carry out in-depth analysis of updated earthquake risks “as a matter of priority”, although all sites are considered safe for continued operation in the meantime.

The NRC said it had reviewed updated earthquake hazard information for the 59 operating reactor sites and one unfinished reactor site east of the Rocky Mountains. The sites submitted this information in March 2014 as part of the NRC’s implementation of lessons learned from the 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear accident.

The NRC has asked 10 of the stations to submit detailed risk analyses by 30 June 2017. Those stations are Callaway, Cook, Indian Point, North Anna, Oconee, Peach Bottom, Pilgrim, Robinson, Vogtle and Watts Bar.

Eleven more stations have been asked to submit their risk analyses by 31 December 2019. They are: Beaver Valley, Browns Ferry, Catawba, Dresden, Fermi, Hatch, LaSalle, Oyster Creek, Palisades, Summer and Sequoyah

Details are online: reevaluations.html