Russia Intends To Resolve Graphite Problems At All RBMK Units

Posted by NucNet on 7 November 2014 in NucNet

Security & Safety

The technology used to solve problems with reactor graphite swelling at the Leningrad-1 nuclear reactor unit in Russia will now be used to carry out similar work at other large RBMK units, state nuclear corporation Rosatom said.

The corporation’s annual report said the successful repairs to the 925-megawatt Leningrad-1 RBMK light-water graphite reactor were “the most important outcome” for the country’s nuclear industry in 2013.

The repairs were carried out using technology that could now be used to carry out similar work at the remaining three Leningrad units, and the Kursk and Smolensk nuclear stations, where similar reactors are in operation.

Full report in NucNet Database: News No. 349, 3 November 2014.