Sellafield ‘Working Non-Stop’ To Make Sure Ponds Are Safe And Secure

Posted by NucNet on 7 November 2014 in NucNet

Security & Safety

The condition of two open-air storage ponds built in the 1950s and 60s at the Sellafield nuclear site in England is well known and well understood, with work going on around the clock, seven days a week to ensure they remain safe and secure, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has said.

In a statement released in response to media reports about the condition of the two ponds, which contain used fuel from first generation Magnox reactors, the NDA said both the NDA and site management company Sellafield Ltd continue to be open and transparent about progress and programmes in place to address associated hazards and risks.

“Since the inception of the NDA in 2005, we have recognised the vital task of tackling the open-air storage ponds at Sellafield,” the statement said. “These legacy facilities represent our number one decommissioning priority.”

Full report in NucNet Database: News No. 352, 6 November 2014.