NIA UK | NIA welcomes House of Lords EU Energy & Environment committee report

Posted by SONE on 29 January 2018 in NIA

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The NIA has welcomed the recommendations set out in the House of Lord’s EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee in its report: Brexit: Energy Security.

Commenting on the House of Lords EU Energy & Environment committee’s report, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“The UK’s civil nuclear industry welcomes the conclusions of the committee’s report. They recognise the scale of the challenge in replacing Euratom arrangements, and the need for a pragmatic and flexible approach if a cliff- edge exit is to be avoided.

“As the report acknowledges, the government has finally begun to appreciate the complexity involved in Euratom arrangements, and the practical difficulties in replicating the rules, in its negotiating stance.

“The report is also correct to highlight the legal distinction between Euratom and European treaties, and to highlight the opportunity for a specific transitional arrangement, enabling continuity until an equivalent domestic regime is in place.

“We also support the report’s call for continued engagement with research programmes alongside Euratom countries, particularly with relation to the JET and ITER projects, and the need to secure the unhindered movement of highly skilled workers between the UK and other states.

“There is much for the government yet to negotiate, and we agree with the committee’s recommendation that there should be continued engagement with industry to protect against unintended consequences.”

Source:  NIA UK | NIA welcomes House of Lords EU Energy& Environment committee report