NIA UK | NuGen provides updates on Moorside progress – NIA UK

Posted by SONE on 21 February 2017 in NIA

NuGen met with technical stakeholders and elected members of local councils to discuss progress of the project to build Europe’s largest new nuclear power station at Moorside in West Cumbria.

The 2nd Stage of NuGen’s public consultation on plans for the Moorisde Project ended in July 2016 with more than 3,000 people visiting 34 public exhibition events over an 11-week period resulting in over 1,200 pieces of feedback.

This feedback is still being analysed, alongside extensive work to evaluate the design and deliverability of NuGen’s Moorside Project and ensure the project can be delivered in the best way for all its stakeholders, and importantly, for those in the communities neighbouring Moorside Site.

NuGen intends to submit its development application to Government after taking time to carefully assess the consultation responses and the findings emerging from the deliverability review into the Moorside Project.
The result of the review will include detail of any changes to the proposals, the timeline for submission and information about further opportunities for engagement.

NuGen’s Consultation and Planning Manager, Fergus McMorrow, said:

“This work cannot be rushed – we want to make sure our proposals are right.

“The Moorside Project will become the region’s largest ever private investment and must be both deliverable and economically viable. The work NuGen is undertaking will make sure that the project can be delivered in the best possible way for West Cumbria.”

Source: NIA UK | NuGen provides updates on Moorside progress– NIA UK