NIA UK | Nuvia set for Sellafield BEP Grout Plant contract

Posted by SONE on 17 November 2017 in NIA

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Nuvia, the international nuclear engineering, project management and services contractor, has secured a multi-million pound contract to support the completion of the Box Encapsulation Plant (BEP) for Sellafield Limited’s Seascale site in Cumbria.

The BEP will process nuclear waste retrieved from Sellafield’s historical Storage Silos/Ponds and prepare it for safe storage on the Sellafield Site. The project is being delivered by the BEP Delivery Team, a joint venture made up of Jacobs UK Ltd, AMEC Foster Wheeler Nuclear Ltd and Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering Limited.

The project will draw upon Nuvia’s global experience of providing grout encapsulation technologies in the nuclear waste management sector.

Nuvia will be responsible for the detailed design, supply, manufacture, installation and setting to work of the Grout Plant which is a key component of the BEP, providing the required grout material to enable the encapsulation of various Miscellaneous Beta Gamma Waste (MBGW) material into a product suitable for long-term storage.

The contract commenced in September 2017 and is due for completion in late2020.

Commenting on this latest contract win, Keith Collett, CEO of Nuvia, said: “Whilst we have a long heritage of working at Sellafield, we are delighted to secure our first contract with the BEP Delivery Team and look forward to supporting BEP in its vision to make Sellafield safer sooner.”

Source:  NIA UK | Nuvia set for Sellafield BEP Grout Plant contract